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Adult Learn 2 Sail & Familiarization Class

Adult Learn 2 Sail and Familiarization

Considering learning how to sail? Or familiarizing/refreshing your skills on sailing? How about just learning the basics about sail boat racing? Adult Learn 2 Sail and Feminization is for you! Classroom and on-the-water sailing with experienced sailors is all part of this course.

This course is a great low-cost way to become introduced to sailing.   


Contact the Adult Course Instructor and Sailing Coordinator: Mark Prange 

Adult Learn 2 Sail and Familiarization FAQ's


Who should take this course? Novice/intermediate sailors, 18 and older.  Two students will be paired up and will sail (yes, students will take turns skippering – under the watchful eye of the boat owner) on privately owned C or MC scows with hands on mentoring by experienced sailors.

What if I have some sailing experience? Instructors are conscious of varied levels of experience and will adjust classroom and on water sailing to match skill levels.

What will I learn? To start, your instructor will introduce material in two evening classroom settings.  Topics will include terminology, sailing concepts, safety, equipment familiarization, and an overview of sailing options available to novices.

A popular feature of the class will be viewing a Wednesday night race “up close and personal” with your instructor.  This will allow some of the concepts discussed to be seen and understood.

What do I need to bring? Students must bring an open mind.  During on Water sessions students should wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.  Please bring a Life jacket.

Class Details

Tuesday (6/18) and Wednesday (6/19) from 7pm-8:30pm  (see calendar for full schedule)

Cost: $125

C Scow Sailboat

MC Scow Sailboat

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